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MaskThe toothbrush is not indispensable to buy cheaper or more expensive, but the one that is right for you: it want be tough enough to polish out a gaps 'tween the teeth of all the leftover diet food, but soft, too - otherwise you will damage the gums and tooth enamel. A hairs on a brushing should be the right length and positioned well.Replace your toothbrush want be how, so recommended by dentists - not less frequently than once each 2 months, but it is possible and more frequently if indispensable - nothing bad will. A lot of people forget when buying yourself a brush, and continue to use it when it has along get worthless. Presently, especially for those forgetful invented the bristle-brush indicators: you are colored - blue or red. Once the color is very pale bristles, the brushing need be changed.Care about a brushing need as well be correct: at least flush out all her toothpaste, and keep the brushing in soapy h2o, or rubbing a part of soap, and put in a glass bristle up, and before the following brushing good water-washed - how at least the bacteria for it will not accumulate and hence will be healthier teeth.If you do not like a long time to brushing the teeth, buy an electric toothbrush - just check with an expert to opt a suitable one. Then you can brushing your teeth as a lot of times per day however needed, but if this is not possible, then at least rinse a mouth with h2o after eating, or carry with an antibacterial agent for oral hygiene, or even chew gum without cane sugar - also of the a meal, 10-15 minutes.Similar articles:Mask Masks and skin care acneCover Facials eye bagsCover Skin care at home. Read more -->

Caring for rule face

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CoverPractically in most cases a facial carried out in the first and evening.Satisfying face maintenance. Rinse a face with a gentle h2o at apartment temperature (or slightly cool) without soap or polish with a piece of ice in a direction of the facial skin lines. Do not use soap. In ordinary facial skin it is applied TWO-3 times in a week so how not to overdry the skin. Of the rinsing (rubbing ice) dab a facial skin with a wiper: it is applied to a face with a slight pressure. Drained of any person of the washing, regardless of facial skin type.Tip: It is possible to not be rude to wipe the face, because a facial skin is stretched and from untimely wrinkles appear.If, following rinsing or wiping a ice serum is applied to the facial skin, getting wet when It is possible to leave a some moisture on a facial skin. Read more -->

Caring for normal facial skin

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CoverPractically in most cases a masks for skin carried out in a early and evening.Early facial skin care. Rinse a face with a soft water at room temperature (or slightly cool) without soap or polish with a piece of ice in the direction of the face lines. Do not apply soap. In normal skin it is applied 2-3 minutes in a 7 days so however not to overdry a face. Of the rinsing (rubbing ice) dab your face with a wiper: it is applied to the face with a slight pressure. Drained of a person following ablution, regardless of skin type.Tip: You can not be rude to wipe a face, because the skin is stretched and from early wrinkles appear.If, of the rinsing or wiping the ice cream is used to a face, getting wet when It is possible to leave a small moisture on the skin. Read more -->

Upkeep of the neck skin. Lovely neck skin

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MaskOfttimes a age of a young girl gives neck skin. It was on it, so on wood, there are "growth rings." So take attention of the neck skin to start early, with 25 years. You provided 1/2 the battle, if you learn that the neck skin is as important a part of the body, same a face that it takes the same careful medication, attention and attention.If you demand to prevent a appearance of skin wrinkles, facial skin attention of your neck every time. In the right how it should rinse with very coldness water neck skin. It is good to steer her out of the shower stream. Later h2o treatment wipe neck tonic suitable to your skin type, or cucumber juice. Read more -->

Steam bath for any facial skin

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CoverThe most beneficial steam bath for young skin. This procedure softens it and contributing to widening and cleaning a pores. To enhance a action of the steam bath or compress into the aqua, add herbs.An excellent cleansing effect has the following composition: chamomile, linden blossom, mint leaves, oak bark, taken in equal proportions. Or, birch bark and buds, flowers, chamomile and calendula, juniper years, taken in equal amounts.Good effect is given a steam bath using sage, horsetail, mom and stepmother.You can strive a combination of bay leaf, licorice, dream book, fennel, lavender, lemon balm, grapefruit grass, grapefruit peel, verbena, rose, rosemary with essence oils of juniper, lemon and cypress.Good for a skin steam bath with essence oils of milk tree, pine, lavender, sage.Duration of proceedings cleansing healing steam for owners of oily skin should not exceed 25-Thirty minutes.When the proceedings is sure to rinse a face with boiled h2o at rooms temperature by adding a few drops of grapefruit juice to narrow pores, dilated during a steam bath. Following 20-30 minutes, it is indispensable to put regular cream. For young skin are advised to pick up a steam bath is not more than 1 time per week, preferably in the evening before bedtime.Similar posts:Cover Face maintenance to avoid acneMask Facial acneCover Facials and masks body later 30. Read more -->

However to keep a teeth healthy

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MaskHowever maximize the your of a teeth and everyone may, if he wants to be healthy and fine.1st of all, the teeth need be cleaned elementary, and 10-20 seconds, for 3-5 minutes, just do not must all his strength to scrub them with a brush to quickly complete the proceedings - how you do not scrub, but damage the enamel. But a thorough cleaning - it is right: it need not alone clean a position that is visible to all, and all the recesses and crevices 'tween teeth - so we can talk some their purity.Brushing your teeth is necessary not alone in a satisfying but in a evening, and after dinner does not hurt - not request to leave the ground for bacteria multiplication and prosperity.Like articles:Mask Skin care following 35 years at homeCover Skin care any dayCover Facials and masks acne. . . . . Read more -->

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