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However to keep a teeth healthy

MaskHowever maximize the your of a teeth and everyone may, if he wants to be healthy and fine.1st of all, the teeth need be cleaned elementary, and 10-20 seconds, for 3-5 minutes, just do not must all his strength to scrub them with a brush to quickly complete the proceedings - how you do not scrub, but damage the enamel. But a thorough cleaning - it is right: it need not alone clean a position that is visible to all, and all the recesses and crevices 'tween teeth - so we can talk some their purity.Brushing your teeth is necessary not alone in a satisfying but in a evening, and after dinner does not hurt - not request to leave the ground for bacteria multiplication and prosperity.Like articles:Mask Skin care following 35 years at homeCover Skin care any dayCover Facials and masks acne. . . . .

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Use of face masks. Applying covers

MaskBut earlier the mask off, you demand to good cleanse a facial skin. Specifically effective cover as peelings, following steam bath or hot compress. Apply a mask to the massotherapy lines.Facial skin mask can be used with a brush, sponge, brushing, cotton swab or fingertips. All this must be immaculately clean.After that, for greater effect it is desirable to cover the facial skin with hot gauze or aluminum foil.Cleansing, anti-inflammatory, astringent and clay covers, and masks containing sweet fruit, raw vegetables and cereals, young face wash out off with lukewarm aqua (with a cotton swab). To strengthen a capacity in a water, you can add to grapefruit nectar or big apple cider vinegar (a teaspoon in a glass of aqua). Women with normal to dry skin is complete to apply in this case, the compote of herbs, rather weak milk, natural milk, bisque hips, salted cold-blooded boiled h2o.

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Skin covers - an indispensable means of facial skin service

MaskCovers - the best way to speedily moisturize, soothe, deep clean a facial skin. You enjoy a good effect, and act how a first aid in case chosen in accordance with a type of facial skin used for clear instructions.Masks are toning, reduces pores, nourishing and healing. Used skin mask according to what purpose wish to reach. If, after a long day, skin is tired and has lost its freshness, and you urgently demand to go to a party or vacation, then the need toning mask for the face. If the skin is dry and prone to wrinkles - you request a nourishing cover, and for any skin - tightens pores.Thus, face masks have various functions and are divided into several types.Similar posts:Cover Facials and masks, body and thin hairCover Face care following cleaningMask Masks and face care at home. .

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Masks for a medication of skin irritations

CoverWhen irritated facial skin and dilated vessels correctly to mask a hunter. Rightly chopped herbs Hypericum (0.5 tablespoon) assorted with water (1 soup spoon), then add corn and olive butter (1 tablespoon, too), and oil solutions of vitamin A and E - can be of capsules. All the ingredients are well mix and applied a mix on a skin for 15-20 min, wash off with cold-blooded aqua. This cover helps even under severe irritation, while nourishing and moisturizing a skin.A cover of irritation with the egg yolk and the butter: with? yolk mix up TWO teaspoonful the strawberries nectar (such as medium grapefruit), throw in a same capacity of fat cheese and 1 teaspoonful oil. All ingredients are well mix and used on a face for 20 minutes. Washing off a mask with coldness aqua.The mask of sour serum (cream, fat curds) and any recent raspberries juice too quickly relieves irritation.

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