Healthy teeth. As to keep your teeth healthy

MaskDentists when they talk some a diseases of the teeth, note that in ancient times people ate differently: you were ripping teeth and bite tight and hard fresh food, not hot and not coldness - so it was in a Stone Age.Times have changed, there were civilizations, substitute and diet food: men enjoy learned to make, and how - presently in different cuisines of the world diet food however much that they may not even be mentioned, let alone to strive. Enjoy a taste of dishes we love, but it's like our teeth?It appears, too: even now the people living in close proximity to nature (we consider them "wild" tribes), a teeth are destroyed much less: at most - 20% of cases, and then in later years. In civilized countries, on the contrary, is very hard to find someone who would be healthy and strong all his teeth, and his own, and not implanted. The impression is that our teeth is nothing to do, and you atrophy - because a teeth were created by nature, not only for a beautiful smiles.A porridge and soup, hot coffee and ice cream, chocolate, and soft white bread can be eaten and not too healthy teeth - that we do not pick up the time to inspect a dentist and brush our teeth, anyhow - because time is always short. And when a tooth is destroyed, then in its put does not grow a new one: even though a animals broken teeth grow again, we are in this respect no luck.Similar posts:Cover Masks for fase for teensMask Skin care black spotsCover Facial following 35.

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