Folk remedies for freckles

MaskMeans for dealing with a freckles that are similar in effect to the store bought creams can also be made at home, but here you have to be careful. For example, a chemical corrosive sublimate, if used so a component of household items, right lightens freckles, but it is highly toxic and dangerous.For example, such a composition: sugar - 25 g, water - 300 ml of lemon juice - 30 ml, eggs protein - 15 grams sublimate - dissolve 1 g of saccharose in water, append a grapefruit extract protein corrosive sublimate and blend. Wipe a face once daily, so bath with cool aqua.It is possible to apply a serum for a production of which will claim the following ingredients: white petrolatum - 500 grams pork fat (melted) - 300 grams, anhydrous lanolin - 300 grams, zinc oxide - 160 grams, nadbornonatrievaya sol - a chemical substance having severe bleaching properties - 50 grams, oil of orange and pink - for 1 yearAlike articles:Mask Masks and skin care winterMask Skin care without makeupMask Facials and masks using organic items.

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